Mp3Caprice Rest API

Table of Contents

1. Requests/Responses
1.1. Requests
1.2. Responses
API Methods. API Methods
API Methods.1. Artist(s) Methods
API Methods.1.1. artist/top
API Methods.1.2. artist/byId
API Methods.1.3. artist/byLetter
API Methods.1.4. artist/byName
API Methods.1.5. artist/topTracks
API Methods.2. Release(s) Methods
API Methods.2.1. release/byId
API Methods.2.2. release/byType
API Methods.2.3. release/byArtist
API Methods.2.4. release/byGenre
API Methods.2.5. release/bySeries
API Methods.2.6. release/byAddedDate
API Methods.3. Genre(s) Methods
API Methods.3.1. genre/byId
API Methods.3.2. genre/byArtist
API Methods.3.3. genre/all
API Methods.4. Series Methods
API Methods.4.1. series/root
API Methods.4.2. series/byId
API Methods.5. Search Methods
API Methods.5.1. search/artist
API Methods.5.2. search/track
API Methods.5.3. search/release
API Methods.6. search
API Methods.7. chart
3. API Key
4. Response Structures
4.1. Chart
4.2. ChartItem
4.3. Artist
4.4. Track
4.5. Genre
4.6. Release
4.7. Series
4.8. Paginator
4.9. Error
5. Error Codes
6. API Call Examples
6.1. Java Script Examples
6.1.1. JSONP
6.1.2. Pure JavaScript Call
6.1.3. JQuery JSONP Call
6.2. PHP Examples
6.2.1. Caprice API PHP library

List of Tables

API Methods.1. Artist by letter result structure
API Methods.2. Artist's top tracks result structure
API Methods.3. Releases by type result structure
API Methods.4. Artist releases result structure
API Methods.5. Genre releases result structure
API Methods.6. Genre releases result structure
API Methods.7. Releases by period result structure
API Methods.8. Artist genres result structure
API Methods.9. Genres result structure
API Methods.10. Series root result structure
API Methods.11. Artists search result structure
API Methods.12. Tracks search result structure
API Methods.13. Releases search result structure
API Methods.14. Search result structure
4.1. Chart of the reguested type result structure
4.2. Chart item result structure
4.3. Artist result structure
4.4. Track result structure
4.5. Genre result structure
4.6. Release result structure
4.7. Series result structure
4.8. Paginator result structure
4.9. Paginator result structure

List of Examples

API Methods.1. Get artist by id
API Methods.2. Get artist by id
API Methods.3. Get first page of artists beginning with ‘T' letter
API Methods.4. Get first page of artists beginning not ‘A' -'Z' symbols
API Methods.5. Get artist by name
API Methods.6. Get artist's top tracks
API Methods.7. Get release by id
API Methods.8. Get first page of releases filtered by album type
API Methods.9. Get first page of artist’s releases filtered by type Album
API Methods.10. Get first page of releases corresponding to genre with id that equals 1.
API Methods.11. Get list of releases by series id.
API Methods.12. Get the first page of releases that were added during the year 2010.
API Methods.13. Get genre by id
API Methods.14. Get genres for artist with id that equals 1
API Methods.15. Get all available genres
API Methods.16. Get root series
API Methods.17. Get series by id
API Methods.18. Search artists
API Methods.19. Search tracks
API Methods.20. Search releases
API Methods.21. Search artist with name "Die Fantastischen Vier"
API Methods.22. Get two first items of Mp3Caprice chart
6.1. JSONP API Call Example
6.2. Pure JS JSONP API Call Request Example
6.3. jQuery JSONP API Call Request Example
6.4. CapriceApi PHP wrapper class (CapriceApi.class.php)
6.5. Create CapriceApi PHP Wrapper
6.6. CapriceApi PHP Call Examples