4.4. Track


Structure with details of an track.


Table 4.4. Track result structure

Attribute Type Required Details
trackId integer yes Mp3Caprice Track id
releaseId integer yes Mp3Caprice Release id
artistId integer yes Mp3Caprice artist's id.
artistName string yes Artist's name
trackName string yes Track's name
tracksCount integer yes The total numbers of artist's songs that are represented on Mp3Caprice
trackPosiiton integer yes Sequential number of tracks in release or disc (in case release consists of more than one disc).
discNumber integer yes Number of disc that this track belongs to; equals to zero in case release consists of one disc.
trackPrice float yes Track's price in USD
trackSize long yes Track's size in bytes.
trackLength integer yes Track's duration in seconds
trackBitrate integer yes Track's bitrate. Possible values are 256 or 320.
trackPreview url yes Absolute url 30-sec track's preview can be retrieved from.