Mp3Caprice Rest API (further referred to as API ) enables programmatic interaction with our site. API allows receiving data in the formats which can be easily integrated with your sites and catalogs. API was built based on REST technology and meets all of its basic principles. API does not provide methods for changing or deleting content of the music catalog. Only http GET requests used for receiving data are supported. The data are public and therefore not encrypted.

The primary task of API is granting a simple access to different data of the mp3 catalog using http requests without using the catalogue's database. e.g. you wish to display on your music store only music charts, which also need to be automatically updated. In this case you won't need the database of our music catalog; using API you can programmatically update the charts on your site.

API is primarily meant for developers allowing them to develop their own music catalogs without using the database. However, we will do our best to provide as comprehensible examples as possible for non-technical users as well. In API Call Examples section you can find ready solutions for integration. You can also find there examples of access to API using PHP™ and JavaScript™ . The list of the API application examples will be constantly updated.

Access to API is granted to authorized partners only. In Api Key section you will find instructions how to generate a unique key ({API Key}) necessary for work with API .